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Resistance Bands

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This 5 resistance band exercise kit is made of professional quality natural rubber latex. They are very tight. And the hook are made of metal (not cheap PVC or plastic materal hook). If you're tired of those bulky equipment machines or just don't have the time to go to the gym, you can do everything you want with this band set.
Hight quality 5 color coded resistance band
Yellow---extra light resistance
Green---light resistance
Red---madium resistance
Blue---heavy resistance
Black---extra heavy resistance
Resistance band is 1.2m in length
Each color coded tube has 2 metal clips at the ends, so you can attach it to the foam handles.

Use these bands for PQOX, CHALEAN, YOGA and other programs.
Quality and comfortable foam handles with cushioned, free rotating and strong nylon straps and metal D-ring( not the cheap plastic D-ring)
New revolution for body weight training
Professional resistance Band *5 ( 5 different color)
Soft foame handles *2
Door Anchor *1
Ankle strape *2
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